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Economic aspects of social policy in the Russian Federation. International conference

The publication was prepared in the framework of the Tacis project "Addressing the Social Impact of Economic Restructuring and Privatisation in the Russian Federation".

The document gathers the speeches of the key speakers and the resolutions of the international conference "Economic Aspects of Social Policy in the Russian Federation" which took place in Moscow on the 12th and 13th November 1998.

The conference was specifically targeted at federal, regional and municipal decision makers in Russia. The objective of the conference was to give to the participants a clear overview of the avaliable options for social reform in Russia in a number of key social issues on which specialists from Russia nad from EU countries had been working in the framework of the Tacis programme. These include: social targeting, social financing, municipalisation of social assets, public awareness, and specific sectoral policies (housing, healthcare, childcare, urban transportation, and others).

More than 300 participants of the conference from 38 subjects of the Russian Federation endorsed a number of concrete measures to be taken by relevant government administration to tackle the identified issues, which were presented to them by the experts of the Tacis project.

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