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Social benefits and subsidies in the Russian Federation. Distribution by groups of population with different levels of income: problems and solutions

The present work is based on research, conducted by the author in the framework of the Tacis Project "Addressing the Social Impact of Economic Restructuring and Privatisation in the Russian Federation".

In the present book the author analyses one of the most pressing probĀ­lems in present-day social policy, which is the effectiveness of the existing system of social protection, i.e. distribution of social benefits and subsidies to different income groups of households. On the basis of data processing of the 7th round of Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey and Goscomstat of RF, the author made assessment of shares and total amount of different types of social benefits and subsidies (financed from the federal, region- al/municipal budgets, Federal Employment Fund, Social Insurance Fund) distributed to different income groups of households. On the basis of this extensive practical material the author made an estimation of social and economic consequences of the implementation of newly adopted laws, changing the system of social benefits and subsidies distribution, and of adopting a number of the draft laws under discussion.

The results of the research could be of interest for economists and sociĀ­ologists, who are engaged in social problems, and for officials of legislative and executive bodies.

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