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Public Administrative Reform. Conflicts of Interest

Title Public Administrative Reform. Conflicts of Interest
Client The European Expertise Service
Participants Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation
Brief description A high-level policy advice project focused on the joint development of recommendations for improving the legislative basis governing conflicts of interest and good conduct in the Russian civil service.
  1. Drafting a Code of Conduct for civil servants.
  2. Drafting a regulation on conflicts of interest, detailing prohibitions and restrictions on the participation of public servants in official matters where they have a direct or indirect private interest.
  3. Development of institutional options, procedures and implementation guidelines to improve the conduct of civil servants and regulate conflicts of interest in the civil service.
  4. Developing recommendations for raising awareness and understanding of regulatory initiatives and enforcement issues with regard to the good conduct of civil servants.
  5. The project resulted in a Presidential Decree stipulating the principles of good conduct in the Russian Civil Service.

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