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Assistance for the budget system reform implementation: public sector organizations

Title Assistance for the budget system reform implementation: public sector organizations
Client Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)

Brief description The purpose of work is the provision of high-quality consulting services in the field of implementation of the reform of budget-funded entities’ system in the Russian Federation through the preparation of draft regulatory legal acts, analytical and guidance materials, preparation of recommendations on transfer of specific budget-funded entities to autonomous organizations, development and monitoring of budget-funded entities’ reforming, organization of seminars and spread of the subproject results.
  1. Development and correction of the normative legal base, necessary for transfer of budget-funded entities to autonomous organizations.
  2. Development of proposals for monitoring of budget-funded entities’ reforming and the course of reform.
  3. Assisting the Ministry for economic development of the Russian Federation for the development of proposals in the field of budget-funded entities’ system financing and financing of rendering of social services at the expense of federal budget.
  4. Assisting budget-funded entities, Federal Executive Bodies, autonomous organizations or executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the implementing of budget-funded entities’ system reform.
  5. Holding of educational events, seminars and round-table conferences.

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