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Development of the investments management system in the Tomsk Region

Title Development of the investments management system in the Tomsk Region
Client The Tomsk Region Administration
Brief description Assistance to the Tomsk Region Administration in process of efficiency improvement of budget investments through use of modern tools for management of results-oriented budget investments.
  1. Determination of volume of financial resources which could be directed at investment goals;
  2. Development of mechanism of budget funds allocation from regional budget for the implementation of social and infrastructural investment projects, necessary for the implementation of Development strategy of the Tomsk Region and programs of social and economic development;
  3. Determination of principles and mechanisms of co-financing of investment projects from regional and municipal budgets;
  4. Development of methodic recommendations on the implementation of selection and evaluation of the investment projects’ effectiveness, using for the realization the funds of regional budget;
  5. Development of methods of integrated assessment of the effectiveness of investment projects (both commercial and social), which are financed using budget funds depending on the qualitative and quantitative criteria;
  6. Development of regulatory acts, which set out the developed methods.

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