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Nikolai Remizov

  • 25 years' experience in accounting, reporting, audit and consultancy. 
  • Management experience in consulting and audit projects, including internationally financed projects. Deputy Manager of the Reform of Auditing in Russia, joint EU-Minfin of Russia' Project.
  • Was engaged in the development of draft legal acts and regulatory documents: federal laws “On Auditing” and “On Accounting”, Audit Rules (Standards) approved by the Audt Comission as well as Audit Rules (Standards) approved by the Russian Government, regulatory documents for the Accounting Reform in Russia, regulatory documents for the Audit Reform in Russia, national accounting standards.  Was engaged in the development of recommendations for negotiations on Russia's entry to the WTO, the development of the Ethics Code for accounants. 
  • Experience in development of recomendations for public sector accounting and reporting in accordance with requirements of IPSAS.
  • He was a lecturer and a teacher of the "Audit in accordance with ISA" course during TACIS project: Reform of Auditing in Russia. He was a lecturer of training courses for accountants and auditors. 
  • Participation in current and prior assignments as listed below (managing some of them).
 Client  Contract’s Name
Ministry of Finance of Russia Development of professional standards in public sector
Ministry of Finance of Russia Development of draft professional certification and attestation system in public sector
Ministry of Finance of Russia Development of model for training system in public sector
Ministry of Finance of Russia, IBRD Development of federal accounting and reporting standards in public sector on the basis of IPSAS
Ministry of Finance of Russia, IBRD Training in the areas of budgetary accounting and reporting
Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, IBRD Development of methodological recomendations for formation of socio-economical indicators, used in evaluation of the impact of municipal bodies on regional economy
Federal State Statistics Service, IBRD Development of the training material "Guidence to the System of National Accounts 2008 (SNA 2008)" baised on the official translation of the UN publication
Ministry of Finance of Kaluga Region Improvement of legal and procedural framework of medium-term budget planning, based on management by objectives in the Kaluga Region (and other contracts)
Ministry of Finance of Russia, IBRD Development of budget audit methodology at the regional and local levels of budget system, and evaluation methodology of compliance of the Russian Federation subject and municipality policy with standard recommendations for public finance restructuring
Ministry of Finance of Russia, IBRD Budgetary Accounting, Reporting and Audit
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Komi, EBRD, the European Comission Creditworhiness Enhancement Program - Komi Republic
Ministry of Finance of Russia, the European Comission Reform of Auditing in Russia
Foundation “Reformugol”, IBRD Special Audit of the Subsidy Management System of the Russian Coal Sector. Special Audit of Internal Control Systems of State Support Recipients in the Coal Sector
The State Government of Russia, Federal Center for Project Finance Consulting Services for legal and fincnce issues of IBRD projects realization
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  9. A large number of articles for Financial Newspaper, Financial and Accounting Consultancy, Moscow, 1997/2001.