Institute for Financial and Economic Monitoring
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We achieved a unique experience from the projects in the field of public administration, among which there are:

  • projects in the field of administrative and civil cervice reform;
  • projects in the field of federal and departmental special-purpose programs;
  • projects in the field of regional programs;
  • projects of assistance to budget institution network reform, audit reform, improvement of bankruptcy procedures, research in the socio-economic spheras.

We constantly carry out projects in the field of public finance, including:

  • projects in the field of budgetary accounting, reporting, auditing and internal control ;
  • projects in the field of regional finances;
  • projects in the field of budgeting.

Alongside with the significant experience of project implementation in the public sector our experts have sufficient experience in participating in projects under order of comercial enterprises, such as :

  • development of automated system for accounting and corparate governance ;
  • development of internal documents, which regulate the organization and maintenance of accounting records and preparation of reporting;
  • development of working chart of accounts and accounting policy provisions;
  • structure reorganisation of group of companies.