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Implementing Regulations on the Conduct of Civil Servants

Title Implementing Regulations on the Conduct of Civil Servants
Client The European Commission (BISTRO)
Participants Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation
Brief description A high-level policy advice project focused on the joint development of practical management policies, mechanisms and guidelines to promote, regulate, register and verify good conduct in the civil service, including the prevention and prosecution of breaches relating to conflicts of interest.
The work on the project included improvement of the regulatory framework governing conflicts of interest of public servants, where existing provisions were incomplete or non-existent, in particular by drafting a code of ethics; improvement of organizational aspects (identification, resolution, etc.) of the regulation of conflicts of interest of public servants.
  1. Drafting Presidential Decrees on the establishment of special Committees to review breaches of good conduct by civil servants
  2. Drafting two chapters of the new Civil Service Law of the Russian Federation
  3. Designing a process for the registration and verification of information about civil servants necessary to ensure good conduct and prevent conflicts of interest
  4. Designing a process for identifying breaches of standards specified in regulations on conflicts of interest and the conduct of civil servants, ensuring appropriate punishment of established breaches and adhering to due process in the prosecution of suspected breaches of standards
  5. Assessing the human, technical and financial resource requirements for the implementation of the legislation on good conduct of civil servants and the regulations to prevent conflicts of interest in the civil service.
  6. Policy advice on developing an institutional framework for the good conduct of civil servants. Assistance in drafting legislation and regulations; management consulting on the process of implementation and enforcement of these regulations

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